Vasa Swim Erg

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NOTICE TO ALL CUSTOMERS:  Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Governor of Vermont ordered all “non-essential businesses” to cease normal operations beginning on March 25.  Vasa has been affected by this order.  Our production has been paused and we will be unable to ship new orders for all products until April 15 at the earliest.  
Thank you for your patience during this challenging time!  Your business means a great deal to us and we look forward to serving you as soon as possible. Please complete the form below and we will notify you when the product you want is available again.

Take your swimming up a notch.

Maximize your power and stamina while improving your technique outside the pool with the Vasa Swim Ergometer swimming machine.

• Increase Power, Speed, & Stamina
• Improve Stroke Technique
• Measure Performance Gains

The Vasa Swim Ergometer is the ultimate swim bench for improving endurance, sustained power and stroke technique.

Get outstanding results for developing swim-specific power and endurance. The Erg’s adjustable airflow system simulates the resistance experienced while swimming in water. You will build endurance and staying power as never before, and prove it with the Power Meter’s reliable, repeatable metrics. Try it for yourself for 3 months, risk-free—your improvement will be dramatic.